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about us

lollipop is a high-end baby/children’s boutique. the first boutique to open was in 2008 on hongmei road. all our boutiques are flooded with natural light and maintain a european feel while ensuring a child friendly space. strollers can comfortably navigate and there are cozy play areas complete with cars, books and puzzles.

chief design officer kandice kuok explains, “our team always strive to achieve a clean, modern look with child friend accents and plenty of sunshine.”

lollipop is owned by wendy krueger, she was born as well as raised in the netherlands and has resided in China since 2002. a proud mother of two children, wendy continues to grow her company by being involved in every aspect of lollipop. she has a great amount of passion for the brand, attention to detail and continuous initiatives to develop the business further.

“lollipop is caring; our attentive and qualified associates are very good in explaining things to (in)experienced parents, they love what they do and the customers feel as well as value the difference.”

our well trained teammates come form different parts of China, Europe, the USA and Asia, in order to offer our clients a smooth and professional shopping experience.

lollipop maintains itself at the top of the baby/children’s retail industry in China by demonstrating professional customer service and quality brands. lollipop caters to the local market, the expanding expat communities and celebrities such as Yao Ming and Sun-Li to name a few.

unlike any other baby store in China, all of our teammates are bilingual and possess an extensive knowledge of the many brands lollipop carries. we continue to maintain as the leader in the baby retail industry by selecting the best and most current brands as well as top quality customer services.



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