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February 27, 2008

lollipop was official launched and opened it's first flagship store on hongmei road

August 23, 2009

we launched our website

June 1, 2010

lollipop opened it's 2nd flagship store on wulumuqi road

October 26, 2010

our first pudong store opened on biyun road

June 1, 2011

lollipop launched it's second b2c store on taobao

October 1, 2011

the spacious 2nd pudong store opened in kerry parkside shopping mall

October 10, 2012

lollipop open's it's first zhejiang province store in Ningbo's leading shopping mall "Heyi Avenue"

Q1 2013

lollipop open's it's 5th store in shanghai. please come and see us on the famous Nanjing West Road "Jing-An Kerry Center"

April 21, 2013

lollipop will open it's first store in Jiangsu province. come and visit our exciting new store at "Maoye Plaza"

September 1,2013

Lollipop will open ir's first store in Wuhan´╝îHubei Province

December 1.2013

Lollipop will open it's 6th store in shanghai, please come and see us on the Hongqiao Road "Grand Gateaway"

February 26,2014

lollipop moved it's office from hongmei road to pudian road, and end it's business on hongmei road

March 1,2014

lollipop will open it's first store at Chengdu IFS

April 4,2014

lollipop opened it's first store at Deji Plaza in Nanjing


and we will grow further. expect more. expect us

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