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oms and dads who feared that the closing of Lollipop would be like taking candy from a baby don't have to cry. The beloved Gubei children's store-known for its variety of hight-quality, hard-to-find brands is in business to stay, even though its former owner, Grace Chesse was planning to leave, new owner Wendy Krueger says, "I asked the landlords to call Grace straight away and inform her that I was eager to take over her company in case it was up for sale-and, pop a day later it was up for sale." Krueger wasn't the only person interested in acquiring Lollipop, but after interviews with the owners and staff, Krueger was chosen as the successor. She says, "We had the same visions, ideas and great 'click' from the very first moment." This was important, as Lollipop has retained its staff, who know its clients and their specific tastes well.

Customers can expect the same brands they've grown to love. The store continues to stock Bloom, Nurseryworks and Stokke for furniture; Tea Collection, Appaman, Wobabybasics, Trumpette and Pediped for apparel and shoes; Ergobaby, Grobag, Bebe au Lait, Medela, Skipshop and Avent for gear; Walcandyarts and Dwell Studio for decor; and No Slippy Hair Clips, Crocodile Creek, Paperie Shanghai, Zoobies and Cloub B for accessories.

Krueger has brought in her experience in fashion, marketing, management and as a mother to add some new brands as well, including Weleda baby care products, miYim organic toys, Holztiger wooden toys, pasApas shoes, Stilltee breastfeeding tea, Philips Avent parenting and baby products and Dutch gift brand Bambam.

Lollipop celebrated its reopening on April 9. We expect that even after the funfare has died down, the store will remain as sweet as ever.

Kids Galore

Dutch-born Wendy Krueger has been in Shanghai for eight years. When she planned on opening her own children's boutique, she was all set to go up against some fierce established competition in GuBei when Lollipop's previous owner decided to close down. Wendy jumped at the chance to buy it and over-night fixed herself up with the cutest kiddie emporium in Shanghai. "I couldn't beleive it. I was all set up to start my own place when suddenly Lollipop literaly landed in my lap. It saved me so much time and stress and now I even have a strong client base and wonderful and approachable, experienced staff!"

Lollipop ia a calm, relaxed and pretty shop selling a plethora and eco baby products, toys and clothing. You can find Fuzzy Buns diapers, Medela Swiss nursing equiptment, organic teas for nursing moms and biodegradable wet wipes. The knowledgeable staff can help you buy sertified, safe products for your new born and toddlers, and will even facilitate any orders for specific imported items if required.

There are the cutest shoes from US-based Pediped, which are specially designed for little people's feet, and they also stock a range of mega-sweet luxury footwear for your princes and princesses. You can find recognised branded products and furniture from top brandsStokke, BamBam, Bloombaby and Skip-Hop. The California Baby products are brought over from the US and are all lovely natural fabrics that won't harm you or baby with any parabens or similarly nasty chemicals.

For ease of browsing, a small crèche space affords beleaguered parents tha opportunity to plop little ones down and browse the store with greater freedom - baby won't escape but it's nit a terrifying toddler prison. At one section of Lollipop, a little library allows you to borrow children's books in English, French, German and Chinese.

Lillipop will deliver your purchases citywide for just RMB50, but if you spend over RMB500 delivery is free. Catch them in the second week of april whe they will have their official re-opening and check out special deals in the coming weeks if you're nearing your birth, or have already begun the mummy life. The Bottom Line: Closed and reopened with her child's store offers chemical-free apparel and modern baby brand wear.

--- Jaki Faulkner



New Shanghai Lollipop Web Store

Monday August 23, 2009

The brand new Shanghai Lollipop website has launched giving parents all over China and surrounding countries the opportunity to shop from their homes.

The web store has been in development for the past 12 weeks because we wanted to make sure we were able to provide a simple and friendly user experience, something our customers are used to when they visit our shop in Shanghai and we believe we have achieved this.

The Shanghai Lollipop website at will be offering the latest in children’s’ fashion from infants to 6 year olds. For more information please contact us here.

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